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Peanut Illustration Collage by PreyingDantis Peanut Illustration Collage by PreyingDantis
Okay, so here they are all together and looking spiffy. These were a real bitch to do, especially since I put them off until the night before class (for the most part). They were done on standard cold-press illustration board in black and white pencil. The white pencil is what made everything have a smooth texture to it.
As for the instructions for the project: We had to animate inanimate objects into a plot chosen from a list. We were allowed to use reference for them, but we could also exaggerate them in any way we wanted to (although I didn't use a reference, as you can probably tell). We were restricted to four panels, so we were forced to cram alot of information into them. I'm pretty pleased with how they came out, and so was the teacher, apparently. I got a 25/25 on this assignment. ^_^

STORY TIME!- Two brothers are playing on the see-saw. One brother is a little too daring and jumps at the highest point of the ride. The mother is furious and tells them to be more careful, but it is too late. The force from the fall sends his brother into the air, causing him to smash into pieces on the hard concrete surface. The mother bandages and comforts him, meanwhile the culprit is remorseful in the corner of the room. The end! I hope you like them. You can comment on individual ones on my other deviations. I split them all up. This is just here to show you how they all look together.
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InsaneMorbidKittie Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2005   Writer
Gah! Super cute! I want a pet peanut now.....O.o....:+fav:
ArgetWyrda Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2005
DUde that is so friggen hilarious! I love it! You are quickly becoming one of my favorite artists! ^.^ sorry to bother you , you don't even know me! But I love your art so much!!! ^.^


inphested Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2005
Killer drawing man. I enjoy your dramatic angles. Keep up the good work!
Swanee-chan Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2004
Duh... I want write "work"... stupid keyboard ^^;
Swanee-chan Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2004
Amazing worka :clap:
I really like the story... so true... XD
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December 10, 2004
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